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Dollars and Sense

Expanding from pandemic response, Plasma Science now target diverse industries including healthcare, agriculture, and travel, with new products like the Trident Hunter and plans for global market growth.

Lianhe Zaobao

Motivated by his son's respiratory issues, co-founder of Plasma Science created an air purifier to help others facing similar challenges.

Channel News Asia

Plasma Science collaborates with A*STAR to launch air sanitisers using technology that eliminates coronaviruses, bacteria.

Emerging Enterprise Awards 2022

The Straits Times

Plasma Science received the Most Promising Startup Award at the Emerging Enterprise Awards for their innovative Trident air purifiers that utilize most advanced high efficiency washable filters, instead of non-reusable filters.

Lianhe Zaobao

The Trident Air Purifier, a collaborative creation by Plasma Science Technology and A*STAR, leverages advanced technology to eliminate viruses and bacteria more effectively than typical market purifiers. This makes it highly effective in curbing the transmission of coronavirus, hand, foot and mouth disease, and common flu strains.

The Straits Times

Trident Air was featured as one of the clever inventions from Singapore: Four projects to watch

Asia Biz Today

Imagine a world where each breath enhances well-being. At Plasma Science Pte Ltd, partnered with Singapore’s A*STAR, we created Trident air purifiers for complete protection, overcoming traditional filter limitations.

The Business Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has spotlighted clean air, and Plasma Science CEO Samuel Teh believes interest in air purifiers will remain strong. With the recent launch of their Trident purifiers, Teh highlights their relevance not only for pandemic defense but also for combating haze, mold, and other air quality concerns.

Singapore Business Review

Developed by Plasma Science and A*STAR, Trident's devices are now a cornerstone of Livingstone Health and Phoenix Medical Group's approach, featuring the proprietary 'Safe Air Dome' technology with 99.99% efficacy against airborne threats. This technology is fully operational across all branches and their head office, reinforcing their commitment to healthcare excellence.


A*STAR spin-off Plasma Science used tech to transform the clean air market with its range of air sanitiser and is now set to do the same in healthcare, agriculture and building management systems.


The Trident Air series' features include 24/7 air and surface sanitization, built-in dual air quality sensors for automatic airflow adjustments, washable electrostatic plates for reduced maintenance costs, user-friendly controls with a child-lock function, and smart modes for energy efficiency, consuming as little as 15 watts in the MINI and 25 watts in the PLUS model.


Trident Air to preview upcoming wall-mountable interlocking air purifier at CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show)